Emma-Jane Danielsson

17 Maio, 2017

I am originally from Peterborough in the UK. I met my Icelandic husband when I was 18, he was playing for Peterborough United at the time. After university, (I originally trained as an Archaeologist) I moved to Iceland to be with him. We have since lived in Sweden, Germany and are now in our fourth year in Portugal. We have three beautiful daughters; Lilja,9, Nina, 5 and Vala who is almost 4. My husband has now retired from football and is has retrained as a medicinal chemist and I have also retrained as an early years teacher. We are both working in Portugal and hope to stay for many years.

I like best to hang out with my children and watch them interact and grow and learn. I love to travel and see new places, meet new people and of course try out new hobbies!

I was one of Hugo’s original girls that tried the one off training for International Women’s day last year. Like many I had spent my whole life watching football but had never played. When Fut4Women officially started I signed up immediately, (because I like new hobbies), and have rarely missed a training this entire year.