Mria Gll

17 Maio, 2017

Married with a German. We met in England while we were studying.
After being more than 7 years living together in Barcelona we arrived in Portugal ?? muy husband got here a job.
We are sooo happy in Estoril. I hope the company where my husband works does not send us to another country. I want to stay here!!!
Os meus filhos dizem que eles são alemães, espanhóis e portugueses.

Emma is the responsible I am part of the football team. She is my neighbor and pushed me to start with this project. I found it a great idea and here I am. So happy I found you!

I love to enjoy the life at maximum and get new experiences and meet new nice people! Eu sou uma aventurera!

I love to practice sports and reading books.

I am chemical engineering (like Sonia?) but now I am not working here and decided to study interior design and decoration, my passion!!!! Hope to work a day as interior designer!!